Day 3

Samba picked me up and again it was a sweltering hot day. We went and changed some money as I’d received a quote from the headteacher for a swing, slide and some benches for the outside of the school, so the kids had somewhere to sit. We had to wait around for over an hour for the swing and slide to be finished. I wandered around the fire station while I waited, just like old times at home on my own fire station. Once they had been completed, we went to pick them up. The slides cost around £150, which is a reasonable price for the craftsmanship and materials they used.

The slides were assembled five minutes from the school in a little shop down a narrow alleyway. With the supplier being so close to the school it means that not only is a local tradesman benefitting, but he is not far away should any repairs be required. This is mutually beneficial for the nursery school & the tradesman. This could help to provide sustainability at work and education at the same time. We installed the slides in a temporary position, and the kids swarmed all over them, “this will bring them to school more often” said Abdul the headteacher. We waited for the carpenter to arrive to get a quote for ten long benches. These will be hand made by a local tradesman using local materials. The total cost for the benches, in sterling, is approx £90 and they will be finished by Thursday evening. I hope there is as much excitement about these as the playthings…but I doubt it!

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